20% of our profits to The Animal Pad, a local dog rescue organization. By supporting my business, you’ll not only be receiving a quality product/service, but you’ll also be making a positive impact in the lives of dogs in need.


Canine Massage: $75/65 minutes (add PEMF or Emotion Code or Biotransducer for $15/ea)

Canine Acupressure: $85/65 minutes

Emotion Code OR PEMF OR Biotransducer: $35/30 minutes

Supercharger Package: $100/75 minutes
Massage+Acupressure+PEMF+Biotransducer+Emotion Code

*Ask about discounted packages AND referral discounts


Are you ready for the ultimate wellness package but not sure which service to choose?Try ALL of them. It’ll include 75 minutes of pure bliss. Donation amount to The Animal Pad: $50.
(It’s guaranteed or I’ll PAY the donation fee)

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"Ellen is amazing with pets. Ellen came to visit my sweet dogs. Fist, is my orphan rescue dog and my English crème with tons of allergies. They came outside with tons on energy and jumping on her. Ellen took her time spoke gently to them gained their trust . Soon, she was able to touch them and they were calmed by her gentle touch and voice . By the time Ellen left my dogs were calm and acted like they went to a relaxing spa. Ellen is amazing with dogs I absolutely recommend her. "

Hilda Chaiday

“Ellen has a calming vibe that puts animals at ease, and the innate ability to connect with them. Ellen’s passion for helping animals is felt by everyone who meets her. She has been fostering dogs for decades to rehabilitate and make them ready for adoption. She customizes her approach and has used many of her modalities with my now senior dog over the years for skin issues, gut issues, anxiety and arthritis. I highly recommend you reach out to her to help make your dog feel better.”


"Ellen has a gigantic heart and “paw-sitive” dog energy that allows dogs to want to work with her."

Adam D.

"Ellen is truly a gifted spirit and an asset to the world of animal healing"

AJ Cabrera