Our Story

Hello, my name is Ellen and I reside in SD with my husband and 2 sons. Our family has been dedicated to the rescue, foster and adoption of dogs for the last 14 years. I believe that there are zero coincidences in life. Looking back at each soul I realized that they came into my life with a purpose and lesson curated just for me. We tend to focus on senior rescues that have medical conditions, missing limbs, and/or need hospice care. The most precious gift I can share is the dignity and support for a hospice dog. In my experience, we’ve extended and enriched their lives by compassionately caring for them.
When Hunter (the kid) was preparing for his 1st semester of college, we thought it would be cheeky to take on a foster, Hunter the dog. Within a couple of months, he developed mast cell cancer. As I took him to his appointments, I became very curious about what other type of holistic therapies I could pair with his vet treatments. I’ve always been fascinated with harnessing and moving energy. Voile, I enrolled in an acupressure program. Every night, I’d utilize the techniques on him with my focus on his itchy inflamed skin. His odor went from slightly greasy with a side of Frito feet (aka fri-toes) to odorless. Plus, I was able to greatly reduce his regimen of meds for his condition.

Months after Hunter’s (the dog) passing, Honey Bear came into my life the first day of my radiation. She appeared to be a Bainbridge lab that was abandoned with a sibling and they engaged in a weekly brawl before she was rescued. Needless to say, we both had a lot of healing headed our way. In the process, I learned that she had lumbar spondylosis and arthritis riddling her shoulder girdle. I was desperate to give her the mobility and playful spirit she had when we started to foster her. I became certified in canine massage therapy. “Honey’s Pawsitive Therapy” was created to provide “treatment”. For Honey, treatment meant to riding to the beach, grounding and gently exercising in the waves.

My energy healing journey began with an Emotion Code certification. Learning how to identify and release trapped emotions in humans AND animals has been beneficial in so many healing processes. Also, I’ve staked the valuable teachings on the healing properties of voltage therapy by Dr Jerry Tennant. Humans AND animals MUST re-charge their electrical systems so the body can efficiently heal itself. I’ve incorporated the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) mat along with Dr Tennant’s Biotransducer.

Since 2004, I’ve been dedicated to helping human clients heal their body through Pilates, Lagree, nutrition, and biohacking/longevity techniques. Even though some of my dogs enjoy being in my Megaformer room with the occasional jokester that climbs on, they don’t engage in Lagree. But, ALL of the doggers adore healing through massage, acupressure, Emotion Code, PEMF, an Biotransducer treatments. All of them jocky for position to see who gets “treatment” first! Their gratitude, joy, mobility, and mental health touches the depths of my soul. I’m truly blessed to share these gifts with them.

"Ellen is amazing with pets. Ellen came to visit my sweet dogs. Fist, is my orphan rescue dog and my English crème with tons of allergies. They came outside with tons on energy and jumping on her. Ellen took her time spoke gently to them gained their trust . Soon, she was able to touch them and they were calmed by her gentle touch and voice . By the time Ellen left my dogs were calm and acted like they went to a relaxing spa. Ellen is amazing with dogs I absolutely recommend her. "

Hilda Chaiday

“Ellen has a calming vibe that puts animals at ease, and the innate ability to connect with them. Ellen’s passion for helping animals is felt by everyone who meets her. She has been fostering dogs for decades to rehabilitate and make them ready for adoption. She customizes her approach and has used many of her modalities with my now senior dog over the years for skin issues, gut issues, anxiety and arthritis. I highly recommend you reach out to her to help make your dog feel better.”


"Ellen has a gigantic heart and “paw-sitive” dog energy that allows dogs to want to work with her."

Adam D.

"Ellen is truly a gifted spirit and an asset to the world of animal healing"

AJ Cabrera